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About Us

This organization is primarily operated as internet-based research & development Organization of progressive ideas. When selected for a project, we will educate the Sovereign Community and advocate for the adaption of these Progressive ideas to unify society, eliminate poverty and protect the cradle of life

It currently is the purpose of this organization to preserve the Capitalist economic system ideal of providing an exceptional reward for exceptional performance At the same time we wish to prevent the use of accumulated earned income to gain political power to create Poverty and Wage-Slavery for the rest of Society.

We also hope to use the Supplemental Security Income[SSI] to expand the payment to supply an improved version of Medicare to cover all persons age 62 upward. At the political favorable time expand it to cover everyone 18 or older. As circumstances of political possibilities make it possible, the check can be increased to provide enough income to every person to end poverty without having to use a Government ” Bureau for Begging ” to administer means testing.

About the Founder

The originator of this Non -Profit was William Hodge. He was born Jan 14, 1942. He graduated at Camden High School in Camden SC in 1960. He served in the US Airforce and went to college at the University of Clemson in South Carolina. He did factory work for 10 Years. He was a  Field Representative for Woodmen of the World for about 10 years, He spent the rest of his work life in Business Management and retired at 62.

He has since spent his retirement as a writer and social advocate for Progressive Causes. He is building this Nonprofit organization to continue his work in a more organized fashion with the intention that it continues to exist to as long as there exist new ways to build a better Society.

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Our Vision

Community Commonwealth Coalition mission will be to research, develop, and advocate for progressive ideas to improve the living conditions for all citizens of this Sovereign Nation. We will work toward solving problems that involve the Human condition in general and the Environmental problems that affect the whole of the Earths Health. The initial mission will involve Poverty and its interface with the Economic system as it now exists. Other missions will be added as the growth of the organization permits.