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Community Commonwealth Coalition

I am a Communitarian

Societies change over time. They change to adjust to the advance of knowledge, tools, and available natural resources  They change to  adjust to changing needs & desires of the individuals within the Society.  That change does not always make a better world.  Conflict between established interest & power and  change in the system of community behavior to benefit the needs of others can create destructive behavior between the conflicting groups.  There is no preconceived Right Outcome.

We are Sentient Beings that can make choices about our behavior and the things we value. Even so, random dynamics of the Universe itself can then make all those choices mute in a wink of time. The number of close calls the survival of life has endured over the passage of geological time should convince us of the fact that we live in the Now.

We can make rational choices based on our ability to understand some of the objective reality of our time. We must also understand that other sentient beings can and will make other choices that are in conflict with choices we make. This Blog is about choices that I have made. It is a call to action for others who have made similar choices.

It will carry no authority outside of myself and my actions. It is the very essence of Free Will.  It is about my ability to influence the environment in which we live. I advocate for no absolute right or wrong. I advocate only for a human Community that values cooperative action for the common good as highly as it values competitive action for the individual good.

The survival of any Human Community depends in part on how broadly and how inclusive it is to the members that make it up. This Blog illustrates the degree of inclusiveness that I personally choose to honor. 

I promote the exercising of democratic nonviolent action to create a cooperative community that uses both the efficiency of competition and the security of cooperative sharing. It has nothing to do with the progress of Good over Evil. It is built on a Foundation of individual choice. It is based on the elimination of Poverty with a Guaranteed Income  I am by choice a Communitarian.