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Poverty must end

This is the Hub of of our Social Network

This is the Hub of of our Social Network

Democracy Owes every Citizen a Dividend 
on his Commonshare of the Commonwealth

We can eliminate all poverty in our Nation with a Universal
 Supplemental Security Income (SSI)   that exceeds the poverty level,   We could eliminate our massive ” Bureau for Begging” that does “means testing” to determine eligibility. Everyone is eligible.

The funding would be done from government revenue obtained directly from the Federal Reserve System interest free.
Then we could apply a single flat rate tax on all income through the FICA system. The purpose of the Tax would not be for funding but would be adjusted to control inflation It would be raised if there was excess inflation and decreased if there was monetary deflation. In either case the poor and middle class would receive more than they pay.  The economic system would grow under the inflow of a Base Income and those who produced Goods & Service would have that  Base Income supporting the foundation of a stable economy.

The Rich would remain Rich, but most important, everyone would have sufficient food, adequate shelter, effective medical care and education to equally compete in the competition to improve their life style and accumulate wealth.