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People are both competitive & cooperative

Freedom from Want is Freedom to Want

I have never been an advocate of the idea that a Society should share everything equally because everything was not created equally. Exceptional contribution deserves an exceptional reward. But I have always believed that both the individual and the Society that supports that opportunity to reap exceptional rewards have an obligation to honor and support the intrinsic Value of every life within the authority of that Society. 

It is destructive to the integrity of the human Community when that Community does not make its 1st priority the business of providing food, shelter, medical care, and life skill training [education] to every individual in that Community. The Individual right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is dependent on the Commonshare right to food, shelter, medical care. and skill training. If you are homeless, hunger, ill, and ignorant there is little opportunity to know freedom. Your destiny is almost certainly to live a short life as a wage-slave servant and your pursuit is most likely to be trying to escape the desperation of destitution.

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