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Advocating for progressive ideas to improve the living conditions for all citizens

Welcome To Community Commonwealth Coalition

Progressives don’t come as a Conservative or Moderate or a Liberal. They are just a human being who connects by empathy for another human who is suffering. They may express that empathy by feeding someone who is hungry or they may open a soup kitchen to feed many who are hungry or they may advocate that Lawmakers should make it possible to end all hunger.

While we are a strong supporter of charity as a tool to improve the condition of the human experience, we also believe that it is a function of the Governance of Society to guarantee the freedom from the want of:

  1. Sufficient food
  2. Adequate shelter
  3. Effective healthcare
  4. Quality education
  5. Available transportation

Our current Mission is to create a system to Guarantee every citizen an Unconditional Basic Income to lift all from the Wage-Slavery of Poverty. Equally important is to restore the power to Create money to Congress as assigned by the Constitution to Congress. It is the time that Corporate Banks stopped using taxpayers to fund the Usury that gives them a profit on their accumulated profit. Let the big Corporate Banks earned their wealth in the open market like other Community Banks Let the Federal Reserve Banks serve the Governments needs with zero interest Treasury bonds.

Our extended Mission is far more expansive. That Mission is to explore, discuss, and advocate for ideas to improve the whole of life within the cradle where life began and has grown in complexity. As important as finding a passion for the love of life is finding new ways to improve, preserve and defend it. If you have a passion for the art of living and find joy in the awareness of the universe in which you express your being, then join us in our Mission.

Together We Can Build This

Community Commonwealth Coalition

┬áThe First Stonemason was asked what he was doing: “I am laying stones he replied”

The Second Stonemason was asked what he was doing: “I am building a wall he replied”

The third Stonemason was asked what he was doing: “I am building a Cathedral he replied with great pride. ”

It is not the size of your vision that makes you a contributor. It is your willingness to do what you can to help. Let’s build this Community together

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